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  • On Saturday, May 13, 2006, Louis Lemoine performed another feat of magic.: He held nineteen women in the palm of his hand. The hand in this workshop was “AKIM CURSIVE”,  monoline letters. Louis shared many ideas and examples, as well as letting us use our own creativity.

    Following are statements from a few workshop attendees:
  • Although we don’t know where the name “Akim” came from..we’re all glad that Louie brought the alphabet to us!
  • What fun! Enjoyed everything- must practice!
  • A wonderful reason to give up housework on Saturday! Terrific class!
  • Loved this!
  • Such a wonderful day with imagination! Plus, learning to loosen up was such an experience!
  • Always a joy to share together and Louis is so generous and positive!
  • Class with Louie Lemoine always makes me pleased that I took the opportunity to learn something new. He teaches so much more than what I expect to learn. Precious time.
  • A good time was had by all!
  • [Louie Lemoine’s] gracious self made the day enjoyable and accomodated each of our abilities to succede in learning and adapting Akim Cursive for personal use.  It is nice to be around someone who laughs so often and takes continual joy in what life puts forth.--Yvonne Perez-Collins
Compiled by Kathy Gilchrist

Back row: Suzie Dunk, Jo Brisbin, Jacqueline Lacey, Risa Gettler. Front row: Sylver Kinsella, Lorraine Brown, Jean Igoe, Sue Mann.

Lorraine Brown: Akim Cursive & Button Alphabet

Louie with Yvonne Perez-Collins

Patt Miller and Sylver Kinsella

By Jean Igoe

By Kingsley Benefield

Examples by Louis Lemoine unless noted

Lorraine Brown: The Day Before Mother’s Day

By Yvonne Perez Collins

:Louie’s Akim Cursive with different tools

Above & below: Historical Akim Cursive by Hans-Joachim Burgert ...