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Friday, January 12, 2007
“A Few of My Favorite Calligraphers/Lettering Artists...The Top Ten List and Why They Made it”,
Guest Lecturer, Douglas Boyd

In a previous lecture, Doug shared a few of his favorite tools, materials, and books. This time, he spoke about some of his favorite calligraphers/lettering artists and why they made the list. He says, “The people we look up to generally influence our work and philosophy. The people I will highlight have had a direct impact on my calligraphic journey in one way or another.”

The list of “all-stars” includes:
1. Marsha Brady: who laid the foundations for his calligraphy and taught him how to execute the basics well. Her book, Foundations of Calligraphy, is recommended.
2. Peter Thornton: who taught him to see and pursue the finer details.
3. Annie Cicale: who taught him to do lots of good work and enjoy it. Her book, The Art & Craft of Hand Lettering, is a good reference.
4. Tom Gourdie: the Scot, whose trustworthy reference books were Doug’s life stays during his early development.
5. John Stevens: a genius, from whom Doug learned just by watching and “admiring the best”
6. Michael Clark: who taught what you see is not always what you thought it was.
7. Dick Jackson: a kind and wonderful calligrapher who started Doug’s pointed pen journey.
8. Mike Kecseg: a pointed pen master who taught cutting edge stuff that would launch a whole new world of letterforms.
9. Julian Waters: one whose influence was great just by raising the calligraphic bar very high.
10. Michael Harvey: the English stone carver, lettering designer and calligrapher whose analytical approach became the basis for Doug’s studies. See: Lettering Design and Creative Lettering

Doug’s recommendations point us to excellence.  This writer purchased Foundations of Calligraphy, Mastering Calligraphy, and Lettering Design.
By Phyllis Miller

IMG_3180 Jean, JLa and

Jenny Boyd documented the evening with photographs.

IMG_3184 Diane &
Jenny Boyd