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Saturday, November 10, 2018
Lettering and Leaves
Naomi Lesberg, presenter

This meeting could have been called “Fun and Creativity with Leaves”! Our  presenter, Naomi, led us through a tutorial on many different ways of using leaves to spark our creativity. She showed several interesting techniques along with fun tools and then turned us loose to experiment. We used watercolors, acrylic, toothbrushes, sponges and a variety of brushes. The enthusiastic group shared ideas, tools and talk. Everyone enjoyed “playing”. The results were stunning. When combined with calligraphy we all oohed and aahhed.

By Wendy Telford

Wendy Telford
Candy Ammons and prints
12 Laurie Coe

Candy Ammons

Wendy Telford

We had a wonderful morning of learning and experimenting with the skills and ideas that Naomi shared with us. She began by demonstrating ways of incorporating leaves into our art using paint and other mediums. Then she turned us loose and we had so much fun trying all the techniques. I appreciated her encouragement and openness to our varied approaches and levels of expertise. Lots of happy smiling participants!!!

By Laurie Coe

Jeanie and Laurie
Mark and Maria

Left: Jeanie Kashima and Laurie Coe

nl and group also

Mark and Maria Davis

Andrea Andrea leaf image LIz

by Andrea Factor

Cary Joel

Andrea Factor


Liz Thompson

Elizabeth Kenney

Ellen M-J

Cary Joel

Nancy Lee
16 place cards

Nancy Lee


Ellen Mott-Jablonski

Yvonne P-C

Nelly Hashemian


Victoria Kibildis

Jeanen Monteleone

Yvonne Perez-Collins