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An Extended Study Workshop with Teri Martin

March 13, April 3 and 24, May 15 and June 5, 2004 
This was another dynamic extended study class with Teri as she brought her Sequel of "Coloring Books" to San Diego. Participation in the first class was not a prerequisite. We will began with an in-depth exploration of the split-complement system of using color, which we used throughout this course. Various exercises helped us to further understand this system. Go to Teri’s link for exciting color examples:

We then jumped right into working on our main project: an exciting book structure, engineered to offer lots of design possibilities and opportunities to stretch our imagination, enhance our art techniques and increase our color knowledge. (See samples on right.) Through the making of this book, we employed gestural writing and calligraphic marks as graphic design elements. We once again explored the many facets of adult finger painting (paste paper!) with an emphasis on play! Play is an integral part of our creative process. The various pages offered many design decisions to the artist, as we developed ways to entice and surprise our viewers. The end results were many fabulous books for all of us to enjoy.

DAY 1: Photos by Jacqueline Lacey

Teri shows her journal to Pat Sunda, Mary Kloha, Lorraine Brown, Cary Joel, and the other participants.

All samples shown are by TerI Martin

Cover of the main coloring book project.

(Right) Art Journal: sample pages, first project

Inside pagesof Teri’s book and the same spread open.

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