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Four Saturdays: March 15, April 5, April 26, and May 17, 2003, with a day added on June 14.

Roman Capitals letters are beautiful and versatile, lending themselves to many applications. In this extended workshop with Teri Martin, we started with the basics of Roman caps, studying their proportions and relation to one another. We went through the alphabet thoroughly, beginning with pencil then moving to a broad pen. We learned various pen angle changes, subtle pen manipulation, and pressure adjustments. By looking carefully at the many details that give letters character, we got a better grasp of these classic forms.

Once we established a foundation for classic Roman Capitals, we looked at ways to personalize our own letters. Simple class and homework projects helped to cement the beauty and elegance of these majestic letters.

Photos from April 26: Day Three

Photos from May 17: Day Four

Photos from June 14: Day Five