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The first thing we did was to display and discuss our homework. The assignment had been to use two different sizes of Roman capitals to write one quotation and either a complete alphabet or one abecedarian sentence..presented in a creative layout, of course.

Envelope by Susan Richardson

Two-sided laminated sign by Ginger Johnson

By Cary Joel

By Gretchin Lair, done with her “friend”, a soda can pen after her Pilot Parallel Pen broke.

By Jean Igoe

By Jacqueline Lacey

By Pat Sunda

By Lorraine Brown

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“Roman Capitals”

Right, by Mary Booker


By Naomi Lesberg, Roman Families

By Susan Richardson (Actually, this is her homework
from our first class; she was absent on Day Two.)

Originals by Teri Martin were the prizes!

Next we learned about manipulating the pen at the beginning and end of certain strokes.Teri’s examples are on the right.


Jean Igoe

Ginger Johnson and Lorraine Brown

Teri Martin, Sue Mann, Mary Booker


Ronna Rogers, Pat Sunda, Terrilynn, Jacqueline Lacey

We also had a short project in which we colored the interletter spaces with either pencil or watercolor. Our homework is an extension of this technique.

Teri Martin’s  demo