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In this one-day workshop, October 13, 2001, we made a “mess” with walnut ink. In the morning, we coated all different kinds and sizes of papers, adding watercolors to some, painting acrylics under others, and more. Some papers we let dry with plastic wrap on top, others we just hung on hangers or arranged beneath our work tables to dry. In the afternoon, we used the dried papers in our experiments: writing with plain water in nibs and brushes, dribbling on bleach, adding more watercolors, adding gold powder, etc. In all, we made at least 11 wonderful projects that demonstrated the versatility of this medium. We took home boxes, books, cards, envelopes, luggage tags, plus ideas and enthusiasm for even more.

Accordion book written with water with cover of watercolor dripped onto wet areas of walnut ink covered paper by Naomi Lesberg

Sample projects by Ronna Rogers
and Marilyn Dailey

Walnut ink covered paper with watercolor dropped into wet areas.

Ruling pen, walnut ink, watercolor, gold powder by Marilyn Dailey

Bobbi Richards pouring walnut ink.

Accordion book written with water (top) and alphabet book cover written with bleach (bottom)
by Marilyn Dailey.

By Lorraine Brown

Envelope by Marilyn Dailey

Stab bound book by Marilyn Dailey

Sue Mann and friend

Mary Booker