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In the third class, we used tools such as soda can pens and ruling pens to make large free-form strokes on half sheets of Arches text wove. (By now, each of us had chosen a specific theme or quotations to be used throughout the classes.) Teri included lots of demonstrations and lessons on layout as we went along. One of her points was to explain a simplified concept of the "Golden Rectangle". This was really helpful in figuring out the design of our books.

By Lorraine Brown

Jean did this at home

(Right) Lou’s ruling pen practice sheets done at home.

Jean Igoe and Lou Berrio

The first part of class was spent looking at the terrific work our classmates had done at home.

Diane Reiter finished this book at home using her paste paper experiments.

At home, Lorraine Brown finished this accordion fold book with her color studies.

Jacqueline Lacey’s journal


Jean Igoe stamped first then paste painted.

Ronna Rogers

Susan Richardson’s practice with ruling pens.


Teri showed us some suggestions for using ruling pens and laying our lettering, then we went to work.

Risa Gettler

Jacqueline and Tracy.

Teri Martin’s work inspired our own layouts.


Ronna, Newsletter Editor

At the end of the day, we looked at all the sheets,
 lettered and lying on the floor.


Sister Madeleva, Jacqueline, Gretchin, Ronna, and Lorraine

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