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When we returned for the fourth class with our white papers and black letters, we used our chosen color combinations to paste paint. We had lots of encouragement to experi- ment and find out what colors, techniques, and textures worked for us. Using our favorite color combinations, we then paste painted over the lettering until we had four large sheets with letters (or, in some cases, drawings) covered with color. When these were dry, we tore them in half lengthwise then folded them in half, which gave us eight pages that would make up our finished books.

The real thinking/planning would now begin. We had to decide just what our "top" lettering would be on each page, if some graphics were needed on certain pages, where to add elements, which lettering hand to use, what size to letter in so that it would blend well with the large lettering we had done before pasting, and other design considerations including color!The time between this class and our last class, as well as the entire last class, was spent trying to work out these issues.

Once again, Teri knew just how to inspire us with her examples.

Lorraine Brown

Cary Joel

Gretchin Lair

Jacqueline Lacey

Sister M’s


Susan Richardson

Risa Gettler

Tracy Emery


Naomi Lesberg’s pages at end of class (above); Naomi’s pages early the next morning (right).

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