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One of the real challenges for many of us was deciding the order of the pages, especially considering color, pattern, texture, lettering, etc. For some, an even harder decision was determining which pages would be the front and back covers. Ironically, an unusual number of us had friends and family insist on helping make these choices!

During the afternoon of the last day, we sat in a circle and shared our thoughts and experiences as we showed what we had created.

Throughout the classes we were encouraged to just “Do it”, “Trust the Process” , and “experiment”.Teri went out of her way to be really well prepared, to supply everything we might  need in class to work, and to try to assist as well as encourage each of us as we worked. She even posted samples and instructions on the internet. Her demonstrations were well thought out and complete, and she was willing to answer all questions, even when she was unsure of some minor point. Her knowledge and experience with color is extensive and impressive. She was always positive and available. And she continued to encourage us to try the “what if's”--as in “What if I add color here?”, or What if I write letters there?”

This was a terrific workshop and if you ever get a chance to take one from Teri Martin...DO IT!

Lorraine Brown

(During the September 13th SDFC general meeting, members of the class will bring in their completed books to show and share. You may even get some hands-on experience with painting paste papers.)

Diane Reiter

Two pages from Cary Joel’s paste paper book and her accordion fold color wheel book.

Sister Madeleva

Jean Igoe’s paste paper books and her accordion fold book

Tracy Emery

Above and right: by Marilyn Dailey


Above and right: Pages by Jacqueline Lacey

Risa Gettler’s paste paper book (above left and center) and books using her paste paper experiments (above right).


(Above) Four spreads by Ronna Rogers

(Above and right) Just a few of Susan Richardson’s practice books.


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