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Learning more about color and its effective use through the making of a Japanese bound book.

.Two sample pages from Teri Martin’s book, Reflections.

Students expected to leave the class with a finished book or broadsides or cards with their paper creations, along with many useful color references and studies. Each session was designed to build upon the next, giving the students a firm knowledge of not only color, design and composition, but how to “Just do it!”

The following paragraphs were written by Lorraine Brown. Photos were taken by Naomi Lesberg, Lou Berrio, Ronna Rogers, and Teri Martin. If you click on the “Days” below, you can see some of what we did in each session. If you come to the September 2002 General Meeting, you can see the books in person and learn something about painting paste papers yourself!

It was a fantastic workshop, or series of workshops ! During five classes from March 9 through June 1, Teri showed us how to create color wheels using three primary colors, choose a personal palette, do color studies, make paste papers of different sizes, and work with acrylic paints during several exercises that gave us a much greater understanding of how and why colors work together. The color wheels that we made during the first class were going to be mounted together in an accordion-fold book for our own future reference. Everything we learned culminated in our final project, a book.

Day One: March 9

Day Two: March 23

Day Three: April 20

Day Four: May 11

Day Five: June 1